Kisko conceptPublishing hackaton entry: Taleway


Taleway provides a simple way to share stories tied to locations. Share the memories and experiences of your favorite coffee shop or let the scenery by the sea give a spark to your imaginative stories. With Taleway there is no such thing as a boring place – every place has a story and everyone has a story to tell.


Every place has a story

How it works

Discover stories automatically near your location. Dive into a story on the spot or save it for later reading.

The map guides you to new stories. Explore an area of your hometown you’ve never been to before and learn about it through stories.

You can start writing at any point, the story will be tied to your location where other people can find it later. If you are in a hurry or just want a more comfortable place to write, you can tag your location and finish your story later elsewhere.

Once published, you can see the number of people that have read your story and how many have saved it for later reading.

UI Mockup Listing
UI Mockup Map


Be anonymous: No names, no sign up.

Create: Unique stories

Tell: Give value to forgotten places

Learn: "What has happened here?"

Explore: New places

Write: Your location provides the context

Girl sitting on a bench
Girl sitting on a bench
Old cottage in the woods

A story is more than a thousand selfies.